Hi There!

My name is Yahel Applbaum, a horse trainer, western and therapeutic riding instructor. My journey with horses began before I could walk; we always had horses around us- it runs in the family, from my father's dad, to him, to me, that way horses became a big part of my life, and later on had a huge role in my journey through life's battles. Horsemanship had a great impact on me as a human being, thaught me patience, kindness, discipline and unconditional love. Many times the passion to learn more and improve as a rider helped me improve as a person, as a result I became an instructor and therapist- using my story and experiences in order to inspire others and show-case the great influence horses can have on people. 

You are welcome to join my journey, get to know me better, and share your story and goals.

What is YahelYa?

'Hellyeah'- started as nickname while I was traveling (sounds like my name in reverse), but it also inspired me to quit being affraid, and chase my dreams- this is how YahelYa was born.

YahelYa is here to help you build a better relationship with yourself and your horse, inspiring you to follow your dreams and help you achieve your goals. 

Professional life

Along the years I have accomplished many goals, while allowing myself to learn and grow as a horse-woman and human being.

Traveling and learning from great trainers, working as a therapeutic riding instructor, training competitive youth riding teams, ranch management, colt starting etc...

  • Training youth, non-pro and open level riders for Extreme Cowboy discipline.

  • Training youth teams for All-Around shows (trail class, horsemanship, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, showmanship). 

  • Western riding instructor- certified at 2011.

  • Therapeutic riding instructor- certified at 2014.

  • Competed in Reining, All-Around, Extreme Cowboy

My resume can fill out more than a paragraph, but in my opinion it is not about words, but actions. 

Who is it for?

YahelYa is for everyone. Encouraging people of all ages and disciplines to improve their relationship with horses and themselves. Looking to inspire and provide safe learning environment. As much as I love working with horses, I love watching the impact they have on people even more Winston Churchill said it best "There is something about the outside of a horse- that is good for the inside of a man." So, if you are looking for inspirarion, motivation, and better communication- this is for you! 

Feel free to contact me!

Want to gain more tools, inspiration, and education- I'm here for you. Encouraging you to achieve your goals, personal and horse related- while building better communication and positive self-awareness.