• Yahel Applbaum

All Around the Rider

When we start working with a horse sometimes it is easy to forget the horse is not the only one who needs to improve, it is up to us to want to be better riders and horsemen/women for our horses. Some might find it weird but hopefully most will find it true.

Being a true horse-woman for me is not only getting the 1st place ribbon in a show, or having a million-dollar horse, it is so much more than that. In my opinion it means finding balance- whether it is your posture while riding, the way you plan your days, working out, eating well and the most important thing, is making sure our program is balanced and that we are not rushing our horse, and might as well boring our horse.

Growing up riding with an instructor is great, I got to learn how to sit well, maintain my posture while riding and we all know, you have to keep you heel down. But like said it is not enough, I had to learn how to work correctly with my body, firs to avoid injuries out of working on the ranch (lifting heavy objects etc...), second, in order to gain body awareness, and the minute I started understanding how my body works, I made sure to learn how my horse's body work, and how my seat and ques affect my horse. Furthermore, I kept on digging, and realized that a horse's structure can be a key component to success or failure (will explain more on another post).

Like said, workin out and improving my shape made me a better rider- lighter, more aware, understanding and balanced. I made sure to involve exercises that will strengthen muscle groups needed for riders.

With all that said, I also made sure to eat well, and take care of myself- whether it was therapy or keeping a balance schedule it worked; I was more patient with horses, and didn't reflect all of my worries on them, what made me less stressful also made them more calm around me.

For everyone it is different, the things we need to do in order to make sure wegot our mind in the game and not in over drive.

My 5 key points are simple, but made huge impact:

  1. Keep a versatile schedule- if you get bored you will become frustrated.

  2. Work-out- it is not only for a 'bikini body', work-out in order to feel healthy and alive!

  3. Eat-well- don't mean go green, but eat food with value (and taste), it is good to feed your horse every super-food out there, what about you?

  4. Pick your trick- find something that is yours, a hobby, that makes you happy and if you can share it, even better!

  5. Learn- so fun and inspiring, watching videos, podcasts, books, clinics, taking courses/ classes- my favorite! I never get bored, that way I always have something new to try.

Well, I'm here to help you with all of that, and finding your way of becoming a better rider.

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