• Yahel Applbaum

Do- Overs

Hello and happy friday for you all, a few days ago I wrote a post for The DX Ranch FB page talking a little bit about my experience here in South Dakota and the meaning that do-over has for me.


I'm a month in to my stay here in SD at the DX ranch. So far everyday has been a new learning experience and brought up different challenges and inspirations. It is funny how sometimes you have got to go so far to find out a way to get closer- with your horse, friends, family and yourself.

Since I got here I had a lot of "firsts" and by all means, every one of them was good- biscuits and gravy are still right there in the top of the list. Besides all of the new and exciting- which are always easier to admire and will always be a great source of motivation- I have had a lot of re-dos.

Doing something for the first time is always exciting and sometimes nerve racking, but it always leads to that adrenaline boost that keeps us going. Having a second or even a 10th go at something is not always as exciting and motivating as the first time- we all remember our firsts better than seconds and they mean a lot too.

I am not going to spill all of them here but wanted to share with you these few things; my presentation of my self was never great, even my closest of friends will be happy to testify for that one, it was like that with both horses and people, some stuck around for more and some didn't.

Yesterday I had my little re-do of that, with 2 horses- Siouxperman and Pepper- I have been working with them both for a couple times now but every time I went out to catch we had moments of uncertainty- which drove them away. As I was walking up yesterday I had in my mind a phrase that Zach shared with us that morning "think about doing things with the horse and not to the horse"- and it inspired me to think about not only what am I doing but how I present myself? How can I join the horse and not walk up to him? And so I walked in there, with a halter and my phone (gotta take some pics of all the boys, like dah)- and instead of presenting myself in an "I'm coming to you/ to get you/ for you" kind of way I just waited for my usual snuggle buddy to come over and join me, and then slowly moved closer to Siouxperman and Pepper, not thinking about 'catching' one of them but just being around who ever shows an interest first will be the one. Siouxperman was curios, and so I walked around him and to another horse just to get him comfortable with my presence. Five minutes later I was rubbing on him, without a halter, in the pasture with all of the others horses around. The halter was not even a big deal because the presentation was positive. Same goes with Pepper- this time I even brought some treats, but he didn't care for that, he saw me walk in and waited he was the doing the presentation and all I had to do is join.

Why is that a re-do? Because they have offered me the chance to practice that, to do it more and more till I got right. Same as if I was walking to a room full of people, what can I do to draw the attention to me? What kind of attention do I even look for? Those questions are hard, and we don't ask them enough.

I am blessed to have that chance to practice, make mistakes and do overs and I am blessed to see the difference, growth and improvement in myself- in a lot of things.