• Yahel Applbaum

Ground-work Roping

This video is a short but very important demonstration of how to introduce your horse to roping and many others objects.

Most of the time I would start with the lead-rope in my hand but as seen on the video, this exercise also works on ground tie.

In order to try this exercise, I recommend you first make sure your horse is aware of body-ques; stop when you are in front of the shoulder, turn hind quarters and face you, etc.

If your horse is spooky don't rush to ground-tie, and keep the lead-rope in your hand- start with slowly swinging the rope- one or two swings and stop, until your horse is comfortable, use rewards such as petting, when getting the wanted reaction.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact me!

Let me know how it worked out for your horse, videos are welcome!


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