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Hello again

Been MIA for a while and for some reason didn't find the time to sit down and write, so this one is going to be a little different and I'm going to share and recap everything that has been going on.

For once, I'm currently in South Dakota, USA- and will be here till April 1st. I am staying in a ranch called The DX ranch that belongs for an amazing family- the Ducheneaux's.

For those of you wondering why I decided to pack myself and travel more than 10,000 miles across the globe? There are many reasons; I came here to better my horsemanship skills as well as myself, following what was and is my passion and lifelong dream.

Why the DX? Well, Jenn Zeller is why. A year ago I was interviewed to an amazing podcast "Let Freedom Rein"- look a couple posts back for the link- and Jenn did too, that's how I got to know her and talked to her through social media, it was pretty clear to me that I have a lot to learn from her and anyone else on that ranch and took a leap of faith- long story short I'm here.

My time here so far has been amazing, every day is a new learning experience- whether it is horsemanship, ranching, dealing with my fear of chickens or eating biscuits and gravy for the first time (b.t.w- they are the bomb!). the people here on the ranch are welcoming and made feel at home since day and I couldn't have asked for a better way to start the new year and decade- oh yeah, my flight was right on January 1st.

For more about my time here go to Ducheneaux Quarter Horses FB page/ @thedxranch on IG, and of course my own- Yahelya profiles on social media.

What's next? Besides getting ready to share everything I am learning and my journey here in the states, we will be heading down to AZ for The Art of the Cowgirl event with a filly named Paisley (DX Iyama Poco Dancer); that I have been blessed to handle and get her ready for the trip. During the event Jenn Zeller (who is now a mentor to me) an Zach Ducheneaux will start and sell her- we will be documenting and sharing everything while being down there.

The opportunity that I have gotten, traveling down to that amazing event is a one in a life-time for me (hoping it won't be), every chance I get to learn and be inspired by other people, especially women, in the horse industry is welcome- like said before- if you want to be the best you have got to learn from the best.

Personal wise; I am strong, and living each one of my resolutions to their fullest.

This is a short recap of the past couple of weeks, get ready for a lot more posts coming up- this year has got some good things coming up- I can feel it.



It's cold in here!

(horses in the pic, left to righ; Issimo, Chaching, Pepper, Cash)

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