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Practice makes Perfect


Did you ever notice that many of the words that lead you to “perfection” also start with ‘P’?


I started roping few years ago, and my coach kept on saying that phrase, and one time he told me that there are the Three-P’s; practice, persistence, punctual.

You have to practice every day, no short cuts, and by the time you can catch the dummy (practice cow doll) 100 times out of 100 shots, then, you’re doing fine, not excellent- fine, only because you were persistent- never quit, and punctual- you got the timing of the rope right.

I can think of many P words; passion, practice, punctual, persistence, pressure, precision, promise, past, performance, pleasure, purpose, perception, patience, etc…

All of these words are part of our journey and never-ending efforts of becoming- PERECT. I can hardly believe that there is a perfect person, or a perfect situation- I have come to realize that it is our perception that makes things look perfect.

- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We have all heard that before, the perception of beauty is subjective.

This saying appeared in Greece, in the 3rd century, before counting. And then in literature- 1558, John Lyly expressed similar thought in his Euphues and his England. Shakespeare had also expressed similar sentiment in his writing. But the current version was not to be found in written forms till the 19th century, it was first written that way by “the duchess” (Margaret Wolfe Hungerford) in1878.

History aside, I think I have made my point. We are the only ones who can control what beauty or perfection is to us.

P words, they all connect to one another. In order to move forward you need to learn and be at peace with your past, in order to perform you have to be precise, sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to succeed, or others will pressure us, but we got to be patient and have faith in who we are. Be persistent, don’t quit, maintain a positive perception, be passionate about what and how you do things. Don’t forget to stop trying to please others, pleasure is not a forbidden word- but you need to take of yourself every once in a while. And my favorite of them all- PRACTICE, practice all of that, it will lead you to a better perspective.




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