• Yahel Applbaum

Show Up

Show up

Well, it is about to get a little personal today, I try to not over-do that, but sometimes- I feel like sharing.

Showing up.

Can go a lot of ways- whether it is being at a certain place in a certain time, being present, arriving etc.

I recently read a quote (don't even remember where) and it related to an exercise we have practiced at NLP course. Sometime you can choose who you want to be, how you want to act- and show up as them. Take those qualities you think you are lacking and wear them as costume.

It can be once you go on a first date (I will be honest and say I am the worst at that!)- you try and show up as what you think will appeal to the other person. It can be good- and bad; I will explain in a minute.

You can show up to work meeting, or a conversation with your boss- and wear that cape, maybe inspired from a movie character, a friend or a colleague. You show up as "them".

The best, and most difficult one, is show up as you. Not you now- the person you wish to be. You can keep on wishing, but if you won't start doing- it will never happen.

When we show up on a date, or any other event of that sort- it is important to wait a second and take a deep breath, and remind ourselves that it is better to be rejected being who we are than having to fake for a long time. But, we can still use the show-up method in measures, and find qualities we think are attractive- and turn up the volume a little bit. We can do it from the outside- dressing up- and quite literally putting on a show. Without losing yourself.

Just a little anecdote; I asked a guy out a week or so ago. And in my eyes he was so out of my league (wayyyyy too good looking to even look my way)- and (surprisingly) he said – yes, let's meet up. I was super nervous, and by the time I got there I was ready to take off and run. But, no, an inner voice told me to suck it up "my goal this year is to most of what I'm afraid off". We talked for hours, and he was cute, and me? I showed up; didn't bail, and didn't hide behind a mask. Just me- turned the volume up and down when I felt like it.

Work, career, and show- ring for all of us horse people- we have to show up. We need to do our job- pay rent, eat, pay for horse feed, gear, vet, etc. we have to show up.

But a lot of time we are not present- we do things because we most, or on the other hand- avoid doing what we really desire because we are afraid- of so many things (but this is a whole other post). I have learned that when it comes to work and the way I want others to perceive me- I need to act the part. To show up as the person I want them to see. It took me a long time to believe that the person I want to be is the one I need to show up as, and I have been faking it/ walking in the wrong shoes/ wearing the wrong hat (you get the point) for a very long time. But, when I started showing up as the person I want to become- it change, maybe the outside reaction was the same and I just didn't care, and maybe I actually got what I wanted (a raise, respect, a job, promotion; it can be whatever you aim for).

My point is- show up. As you, the best version of you.

And yes, you can think about "what would ….. do?" and let it inspire you.

But the minute you decide to show-up, no one, will be able to ignore or dismiss you- why? Because you'd stop doing it to yourself.


And if you got it- show it off.



No, this guy I went out with will probably won't end up as the love of my life- but once again, I showed up, and that's what matters.

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