• Yahel Applbaum

Spring Motivation

Spring, a time of rejuvenation and blossom.

It is funny to me how often we all justify change through culture and tradition. I find it fascinating how sometimes we postpone change because it is not yet "that time of year".

We wait with our goals till new year, and the activation is due to spring, or with our new healthy lifestyle to after the holidays.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for symbols and using that times for motivation source- but just what it is, a motivation source. it the straight line in the middle on an incline, the 15 seconds of rest in a hiit workout, the push you need to get even better.

Let's talk a little bit NLP: a little section in the met programs is what motivates us, and we are going to discuss that for a bit today.

Before that- what are meta programs? So, the short description (and it will be good enough for today's post)- meta programs are the keys to the ways we process information. The way we process that content will affect and determine our reaction and behavior.

Motivation source, what is your motivation source?

The first meta- program we have learned about was the "Towards or Away"

It regards how one may encounter a problem, need to change.

1. Towards; people that are driven from gaining and aspiring. Those will set a goal and achieve it, they are driven forward.

2. Away; people that set goals and aspirations in order to avoid a problem. They will feel the need to change only when facing a problem and need a solution.

We all have situations that we are one of the two, but in our general everyday living we have one motive that describes us better.

One might always think forward and set goals, the other might wait till the problem or need to change appear again.

The greatest example is health; some will wait till the doctor tells them they are at risk (health wise), and some will not wait till that day comes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A lot of times we use those times of year to get us into that "Away" state of mind; to push us towards change, setting goals or even just a little refresh of our wishes.

But I ask you, why wait? When it comes to us, out passions, why wait?

Life around us keep on going forward, it is up to us to not stay "Away" from that progress but build "Towards" it. (see how I used both of our motives there?)

We build towards these events, New-Year, Spring, Birthday, "After the Holidays" etc. because when we build to them, they will only push us higher instead of causing us to stop and restart every time.

Not saying don't ever stop, please do. Rest, refresh but always rebound.

Spring, everything is coming back to life after the winter, we get our summer body back, our horses in shape, relationships are gaining motion. Use it. But do not wait for it.

Build to it.

Push towards and not away.



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