• Yahel Applbaum

What is NLP?

You can find a lot of NLP info in the media and just typing NLP on google search will get you endless results. NLP can be a lot of things to a lot of different people, for example- did you know that Tony Robbins started with the "classic NLP"? in addition, you'll find a lot of people that will promise you happiness and success if you'd only give it a try, as it might be true, I am not going to shower any promises- I will help you understand more, about the people around you, yourself and your horse.

Neuro Linguistic Programming – created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 70's, [nlp] can be described in many ways, like said before.

If you ask me, programming can be replaced with "Application". During that time computers and software programming took off and that was a common term, today we might have called it an app.

It all started while trying to figure out why some people are more successful than others? Why some therapists, while using the same methods, have better result than others?

It is the research of excellence transformed into a success app. Just imagine that for a second, in our world, if there was an app that would promise to make you successful- would you use it?

Maybe there is an app like that, but before we all check are phones, let's try and dig deep in our minds- and I'll try to walk you through what is NLP from my point of view.

The shortest most accurate phrase I can come up with in order to describe it, is; a goal based method that can be applied in many ways and situations- walking towards a goal and success instead of focusing on the problem (like classic psychology). The base of NLP is Modeling- not the fashion kind- it is a technique used to achieve personal or corporate goals while creating or using someone else's success as a model. For example; I would like to become a successful, well know horse trainer- I can find someone in that field who managed to achieve that and create a "model" from their journey and apply it on my own.

Another part, and quite a big one, is communication; the base of it all isn't it?

If we want a successful relationship (business, romantic, family etc…) we must be able to communicate with one another.

NLP helps us create a better more fruitful communication; using a positive encouraging language, learning the affect words have, learning how to communicate with our body language and how we can use all of those in order to determine how others communicate and what can we do to match that and be on the same "level" as them. In other words, we gain a mind reading technique, allowing us a window to others thoughts and actions- that is called Rapport. We can use that not only to improve our relationships but to affect and convince others, we can use it as a therapeutic tool that helps us build trust and more.

Every technique or presupposition of NLP combines both linguistic and neurological processes, both components help us re-program and apply new ones, in order to set goals, achieve them and gain success, which are all meant to make us feel good, content, satisfied, happy.

NLP is much more than that, and as promised we will dive a little deeper every time.

Though, for now, I'd like to keep in mind- the info I will share here is my point of view, and all connected to my method "Feel the Change"- therapeutic horsemanship.

For more info, questions and comments feel free to reach out through the blog/ web/ social media!

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Pic: me modeling a Wild West Rag co. wild rag.

Photo by: Jenn Zeller- @thesdcowgirl